CAFF Lottery Winners!

The Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals held its touring lottery this week and the results were posted on Friday:


1. The Night Kitchen, Toronto, ON
2. Small Matters Productions, Edmonton, AB
3. Random Samples Collective, Saanichton, BC
4. Andrew Bailey, Victoria, BC
5. Monster Theatre, Vancouver, BC


1. Rob Gee, Leicester, UK
2. Sourdough Productions, San Francisco, CA
3. Zeb L. West, Austin, TX
4. botwot productions, Aspen, CO
5. John Grady, New York, NY

There were just 70 Canadian applicants and 38 International Applicants.

Of the winners, I’m familiar with seven: Andrew Bailey has been a whiz on the Victoria scene for a long time, and his shows have been big draws on the Fringe circuit out west. He’s best known for Limbo, but his solo show this year, The Adversary – about his work as a groundskeeper at a church that’s frequently used as a hang-out spot for injection drug users – was one of my favourites on the circuit.

Monster Theatre has been around for years, touring Ryan Gladstone’s hilarious and insightful historical plays along with performer and puppeteer Tara Travis. Best remembered in Toronto for The Shakespeare Show: Or, How The Illiterate Son of a Glover Became History’s Most Famous Author (I may have botched that title), but also known for Houdini’s Last Escape, Jesus Christ: The Lost Years, and The Seven Lives of Louis Riel. I’ll definitely be looking forward to what they’ve got in Toronto this year.

Small Matters is the company behind the hit clown duo Rocket and Seashells. They’ve been at it for five years and their show Fools For Love was a big hit in Edmonton this year.

Random Samples Collective doesn’t turn up anything online, but that’s not terribly surprising. Apparently, it’s producing a new show by Jeff Leard, who had a hit for the last two years with Gametes and Gonads.

Rob Gee is a British performance poet probably best remembered for Fruitcake, a collection of stories about his time working in an mental institute.

John Grady is a New York actor who’s also trained at the National Ballet School here in Toronto. He had a huge hit out west this summer with Fear Factor: Canine Edition, which I didn’t get a chance to see.

Botwot Productions is Alexa Fitzpatrick’s outfit. She toured Tangled Ribbons to the Edmonton Fringe this year, and while she was lovely, I also missed out on seeing her show then.

Now the ones I don’t know. Night Kitchen appears to be a Dora and Chalmers Award winning company that’s been inactive for the last several years. According to their Blogger page, their last show was 2006’s Democrats Abroad at the New York Fringe Festival.

Zeb L. West appears to be a busker and puppeteer. Here’s a video from the Vancouver Fringe.

Sourdough Productions means nothing to me and doesn’t appear to have a web presence.

Good luck to everyone with the individual lotteries!

Meanwhile, if you’re considering touring to some of the US Fringes, you may want to think twice. Grant Evan Knutson of Seattle Fringe has shared a Google Doc comparing all of the US Fringes by application process, fees, and average artist payout. Worth noting: Orlando is the only festival that has an average artist payout that covers the fee and leaves enough to cover travel.


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