Daily CanCon: Moist “Resurrection” and my first rock concert

In honour of my new play, BIG IN GERMANY, which is all about Canadian rock music and growing up in Toronto in the 1990s, I’m going to share a CanCon music video everyday. BIG IN GERMANY plays at Buddies in Bad Times April 9-21. Get tickets here.

I had to skip Easter Monday, but here’s another vaguely Easter-themed CanCon rock video:

This was the second single from the Creature album, which was Moist’s most commercially successful venture.

Shortly after the album came out, Moist and I Mother Earth announced a co-headlining tour of Canada that included two nights at the Warehouse. These were my two favourite bands at the time, and as soon as tickets went on sale, I was on the phone to Ticketmaster trying to buy tickets with my mom’s credit card. After 45 minutes of busy signals, I decided the only way to get tickets was to go straight to the Warehouse and try to buy them at the door. I was twelve, so you can forgive me for assuming that’s where you buy tickets, and not Rotate This or something, but I did manage to get a couple of tickets there.

The tickets sold out within hours and two more Toronto dates were added, which also sold out in hours.

Because I was twelve and it was a rock concert and it was downtown (scary!), my older brother had to chaperone me at the concert. He wouldn’t let me go into the mosh pit. But standing in the back of the club watching IME and Moist perform live felt like the coolest experience of my life.

A weird thing about Moist was the persistant rumour that I heard from kids at my two different elementary schools and my high school was that Moist was big gay band. I don’t know if this went around your school, but kids said all their songs were about gay sex and that they were all gay together in nightly orgies. Oh, and only gays like Moist.

220px-Moist_SilverI never understood where they came up with this. Sure, David Usher was a marginal 90’s male sex symbol (their debut album cover was a picture of his abs) — but no one said Bush was a gay band (although Gavin Rossdale has since admitted to being bi). The video for “Leave It Alone” included a gay couple in the background and the band said the song was about AIDS — but no one said Rusty was gay and one of their videos was an actual gay porno. David Usher was wearing a hairband in that video — but Kurt Cobain regularly wore dresses on stage. For what it’s worth, Usher is married to a woman with children now. Did anyone else get this?

Guitarist Mark Makoway wrote The Indie Band Bible a decade back, a guide for indie bands on how to run their careers, which I actually think is a pretty awesome thing to do after all the success Moist had in the 90s. I also remember the newsletters Makoway wrote on the Moist web site being really entertaining reads — he’s quite a good writer.

Get BIG IN GERMANY tickets here.


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