Preview Day CanCon: Treble Charger “Friend of Mine”

In honour of my new play, BIG IN GERMANY, which is all about Canadian rock music and the 1990s, I’m going to share a CanCon music video everyday. BIG IN GERMANY plays at Buddies in Bad Times April 9-21. Get tickets here.

It’s preview day for Big In Germany! We’ve all be working for months to get here, the theatre looks amazing, and I can’t wait to get this show in front of its first audience! But first! Treble Charger:

A fun song about the breakup of a friendship, which plays well into BIG’s story of two guys whose friendship is put to the test by the quest for fame.

TrebleChargerMaybeItsMeI never saw Treble Charger live, but they’re a band that was constantly on my radar. My sister owned the NC-17 album, which has what’s still my favourite Treble Charger song, “Red.” I’d steal it out of her bedroom often for secret listens and stuck its tracks in a bunch of my old mixtapes.

They later went into an increasingly pop direction, and while their songs lacked the raw emotional bite of their earlier work, they turned out reliably fun pop punk tunes before breaking up. They’ve since done some reunion shows, as it seems every Canadian act from the 90s started doing last year.

But it doesn’t look like they have any coming up in the next two weeks, so instead, why not come check out Big In Germany? Get your tickets now!


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