Winnipeg Fringe Responds to My Open Letter — Sort Of

I’m quoted in a Winnipeg Free Press article previewing this year’s Winnipeg Fringe that saw print the other day.

Kevin Prokosh reports that the Fringe has shrunk by a couple of shows this year, partially in response to the open letter I sent the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe signed by about a dozen other artists. As I said back then, the rapid expansion at many Fringe Festivals over the last couple of years has come at the expense of artists, who are seeing audiences spread more thinly across all the additional shows.

While I’m happy that the Fringe has responded, I do wish the fests had responded to the letter last year. I probably wouldn’t have chosen to tour this year anyway, but I’m glad to know it’s an option again in the future.

So, happy Winnipeg Fringe, all. And if you’re reading this in Winnipeg, please check out Jeff Leard’s show “The Show Must Go On” — it’s a hilarious solo show about the year Jeff spent touring in a children’s theatre company. It’s been picking up awards in every city it’s been in — most recently NOW picked Jeff’s as one of the festival’s Outstanding Performances — and heck, I’m even credited as the dramaturge.


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