DailyXtra: Toronto Centre byelection; Travel Issues

Argh… second attempt at posting this now…

I spent a lot of time this cycle covering the Toronto Centre byelection — a date for which still hasn’t been set. Earlybird nominees were LGBT activist Todd Ross for the Liberals and journalist Jennifer Hollett for the NDP. Then I interviewed journalist/economic writer Chrystia Freeland, who’s competing for the Liberal nod, and journalist/economic writer Linda McQuaig, who’s challenging for the NDP nod (sensing a theme here?). No one has yet announced intentions to compete for the Green or Conservative nominations.

I also reported on the city’s abortive attempt to make the new Church St parklets “non-smoking” locations. God knows what Kristyn Wong-Tam was thinking here, trying to designate parts of an uncovered sidewalk next to a busy road as “smoke free.”

This week’s issue is travel-themed, and it includes my analysis of the city and province’s attempts to make Toronto the next big gay travel destination in time for World Pride next year. Hot tip: stop trying to close down every new club, bar, and restaurant that opens in the city. There’s also my feature on travel to New York City, but as yet it’s only available in the print edition.


One thought on “DailyXtra: Toronto Centre byelection; Travel Issues

  1. With the streetcar routes slated to become POP and all-door loading starting in January 2015, its only a matter of time before all TTC buses do the same thing as well, though no date has been set just yet, but it will eventually happen over the next few years, meaning you would be able to board via the back doors on ALL TTC vehicles and routes for those with metropasses and transfers.

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