DailyXtra Roundup: Bike Lanes, Parks, Grocers, Toronto Centre, Travel etc.

Been a couple print cycles since I’ve updated this archive so there’s a bit to cover here.

After guessing the city would miss it’s announced “summer 2013” launch date of the new curb-separated bike lanes on Wellesley-Hoskin-Harbord, I got the city’s cycling infrastructure manager to explain that the construction is scheduled to begin in September and continue through 2014. A number of other new lanes will also be built before the end of the fall.

The city is also closing Cawthra Park for nine months in order to renovate it in time for World Pride. It was supposed to begin Aug 19, but the park is still open, so…

Meanwhile, trans activist Susan Gapka has announced her candidacy for the NDP nomination in Toronto Centre. Apparently, the fact I called and asked her if she was considering running back when Bob Rae retired is one of the major factors that inspired her to run, which… Anyway, Gapka’s not a real contender — she announced her candidacy after the cut-off for new members to join the NDP and still get the right to vote, so she really doesn’t stand a chance.

Incidentally, both the Liberals and the NDP are holding their nomination meetings on Sept 15. The Liberals announced their meeting after the NDP did, and the new-member sign-up they imposed likely disadvantaged Todd Ross, who held a sign up event after the cut-off date. I’ll be reporting on both nominations.

Nearly two years after Loblaws arrived in the Village, and on the occasion of About Cheese and No Frills closing up shop, I looked into where people can grocery shop in the Village. I’m not really on the anti-Loblaws side here. As I note in the story, there’s still ample grocery options in the Village, mega-grocers aren’t new to the neighbourhood, Loblaws is a good union employer, and the Village shouldn’t be about groceries anyway.

My New York travel profile finally went online.

And also, I wrote a feature about road-tripping through Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, in which I made a pun about ropes, boots, and paddles.



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