Actor Update! Two Commercials and a TV gig!

Over in my other career, I had one of the busiest months I’ve ever had.

First, I booked this cool promo commercial for a Comedy Network/Stanfields Underwear Contest. So check out what I look like in my undies:

The promo actually includes three other mini commercials, which are also still airing on comedy, or you can watch them at the Official Contest Web Site. (They’re not embeddable, don’t appear to be posted to YouTube, and I don’t want to offend the copyright by posting them myself).

This was a really fun shoot, and I got to run around in my underwear at the Opera House all day long! (Not that I’ve ever been shy about being naked in promos!)

I also booked and shot another series of commercials, which I can’t talk about yet since they haven’t been broadcast/distributed yet. I’ll just say they were a really fun shoot where I got to play some fun characters.

Also last month, I got a part on an upcoming docudrama series called Fear Thy Neighbor (no official web site yet). It’s one of those all-improv re-enactment shows, and it was a real blast shooting it. The actors and crew were all great and some of the issues it raised gave me a lot to think about. My episode, “The Real Lakeview Terrace,” should air in early 2014 with the rest of the series.

I’ve shot a few docudramas before, but usually in a part that once I’m on set I realise is actually less of an actor role, and more of a glorified background role, where I don’t get much to really sink my teeth into. This one gave me a fun and somewhat challenging character to get into. I can’t wait to see it.

So far this back half of 2013 is really going well! Let’s keep the momentum up!


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